Strongest karate video

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Strongest karate video

Postby CrazyBoy » Aug 03, 2006 05:56

Ok! I know that the video is very old and very hard to find, but could anyone poitn out a link to a torrent download containing this martial arts documentary? I've been trying to find and could not. Or better yet, does anyone (a karateka or MA) has it? What's about and who is in it? Please reply! OSu!
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Postby DanBor » Aug 03, 2006 06:18

Did you try to look for it at eDonkey and eMule?

I have got some great stuff there.
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Re: Strongest karate video

Postby adisonpol » Jan 18, 2010 03:01

This title shows classic vintage footage of the first ever world knockdown championships from the late 70's. It gives great insight into members of the American team of the time and shows Sensei Howard Collins in action against the best Japanese fighters of the day. There are several drawbacks, though, there is no footage of Williams fighting the bear and Bruce Lee is NOT featured. On the plus side, it does show the shear hard work it takes to get a black belt in this style, and it features several of Kyokushinkai's Kata.
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Re: Strongest karate video

Postby Kwan Lee » Mar 15, 2010 07:11

as I think there is no strongest karate...every style is great if you know how to use it and if you train are so many ignorant people wouldn't expect that from martial artists....
Kwan Lee
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