Bloodpressure during sport activities?

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Bloodpressure during sport activities?

Postby pliskin » Oct 03, 2007 03:45

Is it ok for one healthy person the blood pressure to raise during sport activities, or should it stick always to 120/70?
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Re: Bloodpressure during sport activities?

Postby adisonpol » Jan 18, 2010 03:06

Taking part in sport can involve a reduction of the blood pressure, only if this sport is practised in a regular way (at least once per week) without any competition. Indeed, during the effort the blood pressure rises in a moderate way for moderate efforts, but the blood pressure can reach very high values if the effort is extreme.

The blood pressure begins to lower 3 weeks after the sport training, but it often takes at least 6 months to judge its effectiveness.
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