Partner-assisted stretching: always a waste?

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Partner-assisted stretching: always a waste?

Postby tyciol » Jan 26, 2011 14:43

This is criticized in SS on the basis that the partner is neither resting or stretching.

What about partner-assistance when both partners are stretching? For example, there is one stretch I've seen a lot in Japan where partners stand back to back, link arms, and then alternatively one bends forward (doing a loaded hamstring stretch) while the other lays passively and goes limb and gets a passive back bend and decompression.

Here are some variations on the concept that seem interesting: though that's more of a technique-based thing I guess. Basically what I mean is less extreme because it doesn't turn into a flip, basically instead of flipping them the person is mostly just lifting them to extend their back via their own flexion and extend the hips via his own hip flexion. I will check my anime and see if I can find a clip of it as I know I've seen it several times in sports themed ones.

I am thinking it is more useful for dynamic warm-up type things rather than intense range of motion static or isometric stretching which would seem safer to do on one's own.
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Re: Partner-assisted stretching: always a waste?

Postby dragon » May 05, 2011 10:36

Dynamic stretches should usually mimic the activity you're about to perform.For example,if you're going to kick,it makes sense to perform dynamic leg raises.I would imagine the dynamic forward bending you mention would be more appropriate to a grappler/wrestler who performs on the ground.

Also,with the added weight of a partner on your back,the performance would be an isometric(if held statically)/resistance exercise-You would be resisting on the way down and using your lower back(like a seated good morning) to raise back up.

To answer your question,are all partner assisted stretches a waste?-My answer would be no for the right stretch.Having a partner to support/lean on for balance or using them as a "support" in some instances when stretching is more practical than owning an adjustable bar to place your foot on.

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Re: Partner-assisted stretching: always a waste?

Postby cailifo » Jul 01, 2011 04:55

tyciol wrote:This is criticized in SS on the basis that the partner is neither resting or stretching.

Just to mention, this is only a side note.

The real basis for criticism of partner stretching in the book, is the fact that your partner doesn't feel what you feel. If you suddenly feel pain and you let your partner know to let you come out of the stretch, it may be too late by the time they react!

.... and they neither rest nor stretch during this.

This also applies to the stretching exercise you described, because again, only one partner is in control. The partner who is laid out is hooked by the arms and cannot come out of the stretch quickly enough if pain is felt. This is an unnecessary risk that can result in severe injuring.
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