Side Split and Knee Pain

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Side Split and Knee Pain

Postby ibzan » Jun 30, 2011 03:00

Dear Thomas/Members,

When I do some Splits, I Get knee pain that it keeps me from doing it for one week at a time.
Why do I have knee pain? How can I fix this?!


1. Are my knees weak?! How can I improve their strength?!
2. Might it be anything wrong with the technique?!

Have a great day,

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Re: Side Split and Knee Pain

Postby cailifo » Jul 01, 2011 04:22

First of all, check your technique. It is best to start from a horse stance where the hips are even with the knees. Then gradually widen the steps, all the while maintaining the level of the hips and knees. You should do this until you are on the floor and the soles of the feet then turn outward.

If you keep your knees bent like this they will be protected. Otherwise, if you are attempting to widen your stance before you have enough flexibility for it, then your lower legs will bend out to the sides at the knees, because your inner thighs are not flexible enough. This will also put a lot of pressure on the knees at an awkward angle and cause pain.

Remember, it's not about how far apart your feet are, or how low you can go, it's all about the quality of the stretch you feel.

If your technique is absolutely proper and you still feel knee pain, try to strengthen your knees with slow and deep squats. With feet about shoulder width apart, or slightly more, stand close to a wall so that your toes are an inch or two away. With nose and toes to the wall, slowly lower until you are about sitting on your heels with feet flat. This will force you to keep your knees in line and lower back naturally arched. Make a complete stop at the bottom, then raise up and repeat. Do these slowly with no weights at first, but high repetitions, like 3 sets of 30.

After strengthening the knees, check your form on the horse stance and continue with your split training.
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