No barbells or kettlebells

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No barbells or kettlebells

Postby REG » Jan 02, 2011 22:50

At my gym, there are no barbells or kettlebells available to use. For weights we only have nautilus machines or dumbbells. So what should I do to build good strength in my legs, back, and core stabilizers during my full body workout?
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Re: No barbells or kettlebells

Postby tyciol » Jan 26, 2011 11:18

Dumbbells can also be used in movements to strengthen the legs and core. Lunges for example are easier to do with dumbbells held at the sides, and most difficult with dumbbells held overhead.

The nautilus machines may also be useful but it's hard to say without knowing which ones your gym has. Machines don't necessarily build much stability in space but could be useful for training strength and endurance.
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